Dear Malala,

            I feel like you are a very inspiring young lady that has definitely impacted this world in a good way. You have so much courage and such bravery to stand up to the Taliban and fight for girls education. It’s so amazing that you kept going through for your cause even though you went through so many hardships with not only it happening to you or your family, but to your country as well. Your book, “I Am Malala”, is brilliant because of how you were able to share your story with everyone and your story is very inspiring to everyone, especially to girls, to stand up for what they want. Even if consequences or obstacles will come through the way, to keep going. I think that you are magnificent since you care about others education and welll being more than your own. Congratulations for being the youngest person for getting a Noble Peace Prize and for getting the prize! You out of all people deserve that award that is very honorable. You are a huge, wonderful impact to this world for sure with your inspiration to help others everywhere. You are a role model to many, including me.