A few months ago, I got an F on a homework worksheet in my  math class. It was a moment I will never forget since I have never gotten an F before in any subject. In fact I never got a C or lower. It was a worksheet about fractions and unit rates and my mistake was that I flipped the fractions on one side of the page completely so I got a 56% on it. My teacher was very caring and saying that it was probably going to be a one time thing and that no one is perfect. She said it was fine because my final grade in the grade book was still a 97%.She is a very inspirational person to me since she is always so strong even when something bad happens. One of her best friends that she had known for over a decade passed away in a car accident a few weeks ago yet she only believes in the positive things about him and forgets all the negative things. I felt much better about it  and ever since then, I have tried  my very best in all worksheets that she gives out since she encouraged me to always try my very best.



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