A Long Walk To Water: Book Review/ Summary

Author: Linda Sue Park

Date Published: November 15, 2010

Where To Buy It: Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, Amazon, Google Play

Main Characters: Nya and Salva

Country: Sudan

Summary: Salva is an 11 year old boy that ends up getting torn away from his family after he went through a school shooting. He has to then walk all through the land with hope that he will one day find his family. As he is walking, he struggles to find a sufficient amount of food and water, all during the time of him avoiding gunmen. When he is 18, he goes to America and lives with his family. He then finds his dad after several years and begins “Water for South Sudan”, a volunteer group that helps build wells for people in Sudan. Nya is an 11 year old girl that walks 8 hours a day just to get water for her family, but the water is not even safe. She has to support her family: her parents and little sister. She walks twice to a far pond. Throughout the story, a well ends up being built where she lives so she does not have to drink unsafe water after walking for 8 hours. They also a school, a hospital, and a market. She ends up going to school and getting and education. She then meets Salva at the end of the story.

My Rating: 10/10

Review: I personaly really loved this book since it really reflects off of some kids who are less fortunate than others. It may help some people who are going to school with clean water and food and a nice house see they are very fortunate compared to others who struggle to get even a fraction of what they have. I wish more people would read so that everyone could not only enjoy the book but enjoy the message of what i think it is as well. I love how it talks about two different characters that end up meeting each other. If I could, i would give it more than just 10/10.



A few months ago, I got an F on a homework worksheet in my  math class. It was a moment I will never forget since I have never gotten an F before in any subject. In fact I never got a C or lower. It was a worksheet about fractions and unit rates and my mistake was that I flipped the fractions on one side of the page completely so I got a 56% on it. My teacher was very caring and saying that it was probably going to be a one time thing and that no one is perfect. She said it was fine because my final grade in the grade book was still a 97%.She is a very inspirational person to me since she is always so strong even when something bad happens. One of her best friends that she had known for over a decade passed away in a car accident a few weeks ago yet she only believes in the positive things about him and forgets all the negative things. I felt much better about it  and ever since then, I have tried  my very best in all worksheets that she gives out since she encouraged me to always try my very best.