The Phantom Tollbooth: Book Review


Deep Water

Deep water, waves are crashing

Deep water, it all keeps splashing

In ways I can’t explain, my fear is getting stronger

No, I can’t be here any longer

My eyes have started crying

This fear makes me feel like I’m dying


I feel like I need to stay

But really I just want to get away

Leaving makes me feel pain

But I just want this water to drain

The beach is supposed to be a place to play


The ocean is deep filled with the unknown

This fear is something I can’t go through alone

Sometimes I feel like there’s still hope

But this fear is something I just can’t cope

I can’t do this I need to go home


Deep water, slowly falling

Deep water, wish I could just start flying

With all my fears this one is the biggest

The ocean is definitely not my interest

And now I’m finally leaving